Friday, March 8, 2013

Google Posts More Details and Some Easter Eggs for Google I/O

For any of our members who are planning to attend Google I/O in May, you may want to check out the links we have included for you today. Google has included some additional info on the event that goes into greater detail on pricing and scheduling. We will include the details in a quote below, but first Google also updated their I/O landing page with a method for accessing a series of entertaining easter eggs. To see these easter eggs you just click on the "I" and the "O" and it gives you some visual and audio feedback. After hitting certain combinations of codes, you will find cute little mini-games and other entertaining do-dads. Several codes have been found already. Here are just a few:


Now here's that quote from the Google Developer's Blog with more I/O details. Alternatively, you can hit up the source link at the end to check out all the details directly from Google. We also gave you another link directly to the Google I/O landing page. That way you can play around with the easter eggs!

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